Using Autohemotherapy as a Treatment for
Illness and Disease

Autohemotherapy is a treatment that is frequently used in Europe as a natural addition to traditional medications. The therapy involves mixing your own blood with other ingredients, such as herbal medicines, and then injecting the formula into a vein or muscle to trigger the immune system response. This therapy is effective for many common illnesses.

Autohemotherapy Uses

Autohemotherapy is most commonly used to improve immunity. It has frequently been used as a complementary medicine for cancer, bronchitis, asthma, fungal infections, and other long term conditions such as gout. The treatment may be completed as part of a larger medical plan that also includes traditional prescription medications. The treatment is thought to work on a diverse range of medical conditions by stimulating the natural immune response of the body.

Historically referred to as serum therapy, autohemotherapy is also used as a preventative therapy against disease. The treatment, when used as a preventative measure, has been effective in reducing the development of some conditions. For example, the therapy has been successful as a preventive medicine against hypertension. Autohemotherapy is best used as a complement to traditional medicine or as a preventative measure rather than as an alternative medicine.

How It Works

Autohemotherapy is thought to work in the treatment of illness and the prevention of disease by prompting the body to release antigens. Antigens are the agents in the body that kill bacteria and other illness and disease causing cells. The therapy can last for many weeks in treating illnesses, or be completed on a regular basis for the prevention of disease. Autohemotherapy can be completed twice a week without any side effects. In the treatment of long term diseases, such as asthma or multiple sclerosis, the injections can also be given at home with the help of a friend or family member.

Autohemotherapy has many benefits. It is a very low cost treatment option for long term disease. The results of the therapy can vary, but proponents argue that it is an effective way to treat disease. When other treatments, such as antibiotics, are unavailable, some also argue that autohemotherapy is an effective cure for infectious disease such as malaria. The treatment can include up to twelve shots given over a specific period of time. The number of injections can vary depending on the illness. There are few negative side effects reported with the use of autohemotherapy. The most common side effects include slight, temporary fever, depression or tiredness after the injection.

The Benefits

As a natural therapy, autohemotherapy is often used by homeopathic practitioners and other complimentary and alternative medical practitioners. The use of herbs, like echinacea, and homeopathic remedies mixed with the blood is very common. These preparations can increase the effectiveness of autohemotherapy. Ozone, a type of oxygen, can also be added to the injection to increase its effectiveness. Treatments are prepared based on the unique condition of each patient immediately before the injection.

In addition to being affordable, autohemotherapy can be used for patients of all ages. Young children who suffer from frequent infections can use this therapy to boost immunity without the worry of side effects, while the elderly can use the therapy to overcome lingering illnesses.