network-cablingWe offer Network Cabling installation in Atlanta and will be happy to provide a free site survey and estimate. Network Cabling contractors are second to none with over ten years experience in data and network cabling. We provide professional and high quality planning, designing and installation of a variety of cabling methods and have successfully completed projects for some of the biggest companies, some of which include:

• Comcast                      • Kashi
• GE                                 • New Balance
• Black & Decker           • Chanel
• Reebok
• Purina Mills

What Network Cabling Offers

With an ever advancing and evolving technological world, the constant profusion of terms like IP, SIP, VoIP, TDM, SIP and PBX can make a business dizzy. But the key is in knowing who to trust when it comes to your business communication needs, whether you own an international corporation or small local company.

We have become on of the leading computer network cabling and IT service professionals in the Atlanta area; with expertise in all areas of network and data cabling that include Cat5e and Cat6, fiber optic, Voice (VoIP), video, audio, CCTV and more. Our years of experience in network system installation and management enables us to handle any job. We draw expert knowledge, from sourcing to design implementation, which ensures you are receiving the best network cable solutions for your business.

Who Needs Network Cabling?

Communication technology is the single greatest factor to any successful business, which ensures the network and phone system is working as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. Data cabling is an essential component to communication between employees or employers and customers, which is why Network Cabling in Atlanta offers individual evaluations to determine all your cabling needs and ensure either the proper cabling infrastructure suitable for your business or ensure your current systems are running efficiently.

Types of Cabling Systems

A primary concern for any business in today’s digital age is their network’s current bandwidth requirements. This can vary greatly based on both the size of the network, priorities of the business and the business’ main objectives. A network that consists of about a dozen workstations will generally require lower bandwidth than a network that supports a hundred workstations.

A business must also factor in not just the volume but type of data traffic the network will be supporting, which can have a great disparity on the amount of bandwidth that would generally be required based on volume. For example, a small web design firm that has a dozen workstations that frequently works with graphic design and multimedia applications would probably need more bandwidth than a law firm with a hundred workstations.

A single user uploading a five minute high definition video can consume a significant amount of bandwidth than fifty users working with Word and Excel docs or opening emails, which is what makes having a fully knowledgeable and experienced cabling company so important. Though estimating bandwidth for volume, type and even future requirements is complex and often speculative, failure to assess this accurately can end up costing more money than is necessary in the long run.

Network Cable Options

Both your business budget and your network environment play an essential role in determining the type of cabling that suits the needs of your business. Though fiber optic cable provides the fastest bandwidth possible and is the best cable type that best integrates with future technology, not only is it very expensive but some environments may be ill suited for fiber optic installation. In many cases, twisted copper cable installation may be the best solution and the more efficient one according to a business and its budget.

Contrarily, certain environments might not be suitable for twisted copper cabling. Though Cat5e and Cat6 mediums have improved immunity to noise interference than their copper cable predecessors, they are still susceptible to electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference. For example, hospitals are typically loaded down with equipment, such as CAT scanners and Nuclear Magnetic scanners that would greatly affect copper wiring because of radio frequency interferences.

The Importance of an Experienced Installation Company

Cable installation companies are a dime a dozen, but it’s vital you choose the right company that knows how to assess your business needs and has the integrity to find the best and most cost effective solution. Network Cabling will help organize and manage cost effective communication solutions that both utilize and support the latest in technology. When you’re choosing a network cabling company, always keep in mind

• Experience
• References
• Follow-up
• Competitive pricing

We offer free Network Cabling estimates throughout the Atlanta area.  We show up on time, do what we say,  finish what we start and provide the most competitive pricing. No job is too large or too small for us.

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